I lost my keys while playing frisbee with Kes and Aeri on Friday. I spent hours combing the field with no luck. This morning I came up with the brilliant idea to bring Z with me for another search – she had some SAR training as a young dog and we’d just started teaching her to seek out a specific scent when we were washed from the program so I thought she miiiight be able to help.

I scented another key fob and put it in a ziplock bag like I’d been taught to do, asked her to “check” it, and then sent her. She loped along aimlessly for a few minutes, poking at a spot in the grass where a bit of goose poop was, sniffed a wrapper, and then, as I was about to give up hope of this crazy plan working, I saw her give a clear head turn, approach something in the grass, pause, and then continue on. I walked over to the spot and VOILA! my keys!!!

If only I’d had her along on Friday! So yea, all 4 dogs will be learning an article search ASAP as I doubt I’ll ever stop losing things, but I usually have a dog in tow! LOL


About 4stardogs

I've been told that I'm very busy, but I don't really see it. I only compete in agility, schutzhund, and dock diving, train in disc, rally, and lurecoursing, and hike, run, and hang out on the couch with my 4 dogs! ;) The hazards of being a dog nerd!

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